New Teeth in One Day with TeethXpress®

Fed up with constant dental work and unattractive, nonfunctional teeth?

TeethXpress in Albuquerque

Get A Beautiful Smile and Better Chewing Power

with TeethXpress Full-Arch Teeth Replacement

Dr. Wenicur uses the TeethXpress procedure to give you stable, permanently fixed-in new teeth in one day. With this revolutionary full-arch replacement option, bone is preserved, smiles are restored and you’ll be able to eat whatever you want!

What Is the TeethXpress Procedure?

Thanks to her use of advanced technology and the TeethXpress procedure, in most cases Dr. Wenicur is able to perform any needed extractions, place dental implants and attach aesthetic and functional teeth—all in the same visit.

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Meticulous Planning with State-of-the-Art Technology

To ensure the procedure is as efficient and minimally invasive as possible, Dr. Wenicur uses cutting-edge technology to map out the entire treatment beforehand. She captures 360-degree images of your teeth, jawbone, sinuses and surrounding oral structures with her CT scanner, then imports the captured images into special implant-planning software.

With that information, Dr. Wenicur determines the best location, depth and angle to place each implant. She places between four and six dental implants into strategic locations in the jaw for maximum strength and stability.

High-Tech Procedure

During the surgery, Dr. Wenicur uses her X-Guide, a 3D guidance system that allows for incredible accuracy with implant placement. The X-Guide shows Dr. Wenicur the precise position of the implant in real-time, making surgery much faster and more accurate. This means less time in the chair and a more comfortable experience.

Strong, Lifelike New Teeth

Immediately after surgery, Dr. Wenicur places functional and attractive provisional teeth. These are worn until the implants have fully healed, at which point you will receive the beautiful final new teeth.

The new teeth look and function just like a person’s natural teeth. Since the teeth are held in place by dental implants, they provide more stability and comfort than conventional dentures. What’s more, chewing power is restored to nearly full. You will once again be able to eat anything you like and smile with confidence.

Benefits of TeethXpress

  • The entire procedure is completed in one day, including any extractions, implant placement and temporary tooth attachment.

  • Close to natural chewing power is restored.

  • Normal chewing ability stimulates the bone, preventing bone loss and eventual collapse of facial structure.

  • TeethXpress is the most economical full-arch, fixed-in teeth replacement option.

  • TeethXpress immediately improves quality of life and self-confidence!

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